STOER Skincare for Men

STOER Skincare for Men

STOER skincare combines ingredients sourced from different climate and global locations to underpin the values of protecting the skin against the extreme elements of weather and the growing concern of pollution. The five best clinically-tested plant actives sourced from across four continents and four contrasting climates to create STOER Skincare’s Clima 5TM formulation.

Clima 5TM formulation

  • Barberry Fig – from cacti found in the Mexican Desert, firms and hydrates stressed skin
  • Wakame – Extracted from Japanese seaweed, supports collagen production and guards against pollution
  • Peat Moss – From STOER’s Scottish homeland, helps keep skin hydrated and ‘plump’
  • Alpine Plant Stem Cells – extracted from plants that grow on inhospitable mountainsides, improve skins elasticity and encourages dermal renewal
  • Baobab Leaf Extract – from West Africa helps address the ageing process, by minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Having key ingredients is one thing, but the real challenge for chemists is developing a way of delivering these active ingredients to a layer of your skin where they will be at their most effective. Our skin needs to absorb key ingredients, as opposed to them simply sitting on the skin’s surface.

Clinically tested, the most advanced ‘Cosmetic Drone’ technology, derived from medical drug delivery systems, is incorporated into each STOER formulation to help deliver the potent Clima 5TM actives where they can best form the ultimate support system and skin benefit.

The Future of Active Delivery Systems

Each active is entrapped in a unique microscopic ‘Cosmetic Drone’ capsule to deliver the actives to a deeper layer of the skin. This system targets specific cells and releases the active ingredients where needed.


  • The external ligand (outer shell) dictates the mission and directs the capsule to the specific target receptor cell
  • The particle penetrates the skin barrier (average particle size 220nm)
  • Ligands are selective and avoid interactions with other cells
  • Capsule binds exclusively to the target cell
  • The ligand also acts as an active ingredient when interacting with a specific receptor
  • Upon binding, the drone penetrates in the target cell by endocytosis (a form of active transport where a cell transports molecules into the cell by engulfing them in an energy using process)
  • Once inside the cell, the component polymers are naturally metabolised and the active ingredient is diffused and release inside the target cell steadily over time.

This is all well and good, but how does this translate to performance on skin? A tough question, as all our skin is different and will react in different ways, that said from a personal perspective, I have to say the products exude a quality and performance level that I haven’t yet encountered in the men’s grooming space; the only true comparables being Sisley-um and Crème de La Mer, neither of which are truly male specific.

The products are lightly fragranced, and well packaged, but it is the absorption into the skin and immediacy of visual impact of the STOER Serum in particular that impressed me. We’re not talking the masking effect of a ‘concealing’ type product, this is a product you use, rather than wear.

While the range is not cheap, it has to be said given the level of performance, it’s not expensive either, with their serum priced at moderate £40 for a concentrate 50ml. They may be a newcomer to the men’s grooming space, but they are definitely a brand to watch.

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