Rolls-Royce Motor Cars present WRAITH

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars present WRAITH

One hundred years ago Rolls-Royce entered the gruelling 1913 Alpine trial with four 75hp cars; it won six awards, including the Archduke Leopold Cup. Under the stewardship of founding forefather Sir Henry Royce, engineering credentials that had been established through events like the London to Edinburgh top gear trial in 1911, were further reinforced by this astonishing achievement. A series of Alpine Eagle cars were subsequently produced by the company. 1913 also represented another dynamic milestone for the company, one which the Honourable Charles Rolls would have cherished, had he not tragically perished in an aircraft accident two years earlier.

“Take the best that exists and make it better: when it does not exist design it” – Sir Henry Royce

For in that year, Don Carlos de Salamanca took to the wheel of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and won the first ever Spanish Grand Prix. The victory built on racing success such as the 1906 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, where Rolls himself had triumphed in a Light Twenty. A reflection of this heritage and developed as  the ultimate gran turismo, Wraith is the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever to have played host to the famous Spirit of Ecstasy figurine.

“Wraith is powerful, but never brutal. It’s a cultivated power which perfectly complements the dynamism of its exterior styling. This is a true Rolls-Royce.” – Dr Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering.


Vital Statistics

• Elegant fastback design hints at dynamic prowess of the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever: 624 bhp/465 kW, 800 Nm from 1,500 rpm : 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds (0-62 in 4.6)
• Debut of Satellite Aided Transmission. A technology that uses GPS mapping data to ensure the correct gear is always pre-selected for the road terrain ahead
• Voice activated connectivity augments effortlessness – the ‘on-board valet’
• Canadel Panelling sweeps through a sumptuous, contemporary and yacht-like interior cabin

The perfect balance has been struck between the visual language of the fastback’s heyday and a thoroughly contemporary Rolls-Royce motor car. Traditional high-seating position and Rolls-Royce proportions remain, leaving the beholder in no doubt that it is true to the marque’s DNA. The promise of the exterior is delivered in the reality of the interior; Wraith presents the marriage of glamour and refinement, as well as an underlying, brooding sense that power and drama lie beneath. One can imagine that this Rolls-Royce in particular would perfectly match the inimitable lifestyle of adventure and speed enjoyed by Rolls-Royce’s founding forefather the Honourable Charles Rolls.

In profile, Wraith’s sweeping fastback design gives the car its unique character. Bold lines, tension in the panels and a raked rear screen evoke the image of a world class athlete poised in the starting blocks. Further expression of dynamic intent can be seen in Wraith’s deeply recessed grille, wide rear track and dramatic two-tone presentation. The swept lines of the fastback, a style whose origins can be found in 1930s automotive design, most clearly signal its purposeful character, one which hints gently at the noir.

“Rather than take inspiration from any one car, Wraith simply evokes the alluring pedigree of some of the most iconic designs from this influential era.”

Coach doors open to reveal a sumptuous interior complete with softest Phantom-grade leathers and expanses of wood called Canadel Panelling. Named after the famous cove in the South of France where Sir Henry Royce and his design and engineering teams spent their winters, this contemporary and tactile finish sweeps through the interior, cosseting four occupants in a space bathed in light and warmth.

Starlight Headliner presents a starry night sky within the cabin, an effect that is achieved with 1,340 individual fibre optic lights hand-woven into the leather roof-lining by craftspeople in the Rolls-Royce Leathershop, giving the impression of a glittering, starry night sky.

The Rolls-Royce principle of effortlessness has informed designers’ thinking throughout. Perfectly appointed storage compartments for two iPads add convenience for rear seat passengers, whilst automatic door closing buttons located behind the a-pillar aid those in the front.

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