Volvo S90 Excellence: Redefining space

Volvo S90 Excellence: Redefining space

With many cars, most of the attention goes into the exterior design; how it looks to those passers by in motion and stationary when we gaze upon it parked in the drive. Which is important, after all it’s a key factor in why we choose one car over another. But what of the space we actually see the most of – the interior?

Employing a healthily passenger-focused ‘selfish’ approach, the emphasis is all on the interior for this Volvo S90 Excellence concept. To help illustrate that fact Volvo have done away with the outer shell in this their latest demonstration of the Lounge Console.

Volvo S90 Excellence Lounge Console model

A redefinition of what a car interior should be, options include a mobile workstation that features storage for your shoes, should you want to truly relax, and a fold-out work surface with a dedicated large screen display. The interior features an entertainment mode for viewing your favorite content, or perhaps you would rather relax with the heated foot support.

There is also a refrigerated compartment in the rear armrest to cool your beverages with two crystal glasses provided in collaboration with luxury glassmaker Orrefors.

Volvo S90 Excellence Lounge Console top view

For a full look at the features of the Volvo S90 Excellence Lounge Console interior, watch the video at the top of the page or visit the Volvo website below.

Volvo S90 Excellence

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