Guggenheim Museum Bilbao + Architecture MasterPrize Awards

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao


Architecture MasterPrize Awards

This year, Frank Gehry’s acclaimed Guggenheim Museum building in Bilbao hosted the honourable Architecture MasterPrize Awards (AMP). One of the most synonymous contemporary buildings of the 20th Century, the location was superbly fitting with the genre of awards itself.

Blue Lagoon Iceland by Basalt Architects

Famed for his other buildings including the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris and the Walt Disney concert hall, it was the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao that housed the much-anticipated ceremony this year. It saw 150 masterful architects gather from across the globe to receive three prestigious awards. The esteemed competition draws the finest and most mind-blowing new developments from each corner of the globe.

Blue Lagoon Iceland by Basalt Architects
The annual ceremony celebrates a multitude of talent in architectural design, landscape architecture and interior design, accepting submissions from all over the world. The three defined categories are used as pillars for the award nominations, seeking the most boundary-breaking and unique architectural designs to grace our landscapes.
Blue Lagoon Iceland by Basalt Architects
Blue Lagoon Iceland by Basalt Architects

The first of the three was ‘The Architectural Design of the Year’ which was awarded to the magnificent ‘The Retreat at Blue Lagoon’ in Iceland. The unique retreat is designed to combine the idyllic Icelandic nature with modern architecture. The designers pledged to create a connection between guests and their surroundings. The ancient building is set upon a 751-year-old lava flow in the heart of the Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark. The retreat is also home to a subterranean spa, geothermal lagoon and 62-suite hotel surrounded by the Blue Lagoon’s seawaters. Engulfed by the mineral-rich water, the rugged lava and centuries-old moss which are the centre point of every part of the building.

Secondly, ‘Interior Design of the Year’ went to the ‘Infinite Building’ in Montreal Canada. This exquisite space was a created by two art collectors and their architect. Without wanting to compromise the structure of the building, the architect had the challenge of optimising the space through a different means. The claustrophobic space was transformed by the cunning use of light, space and mirrors throughout whole the interior.

INFINITE BUILDINGS by Jean-Maxime Labrecque


Finally, the Landscape Architecture Award went to ‘The Best of Youth’ project in China. The traditionally chaotic scenery located just outside of the West 4th ring road in Beijing, was transformed into a relaxing and leisurely space. The beautiful place offers peace and tranquillity for its visitors, where they can relax on the waterside or listen to the trickle of the natural spring.

THE BEST OF YOUTH by Unlimited Metropolis Studio


AMP was founded by the Farmani Group in 1985, who have since been curating and promoting art, design and architecture. They host four annual awards including Design of the Year Awards, Firms of the Year Award, Architectural Products Award and the Student Architecture Award. The AMP jury board is comprised of an award-winning panel of top designers, architects, curators and academics. The accolades are highly regarded amongst architects, and those who receive the AMP trophy will get extensive publicity showcasing their designs to a worldwide audience, and more.

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