MONCLER | Destination Hong Kong

MONCLER | Destination Hong Kong

Heralded as a key figure in outwerwear Moncler’s approach to showmanship has always come in the form of alternative humour, while maintaining authenticity, in doing so. True to this notion the house have utilised their symbolic ambassador Mr Moncler to great effect with an artistic demonstration in key cities across the world.

Most notable of these cities is Hong Kong which acts as the Hub for 19-inch statue. With 10,000 figurines simultaneously stationed together, the art piece acts as a metaphor for the city that encompasses futuristic attributes, in the form of its skyline, as well as thought out urban environments. The exhibition also exudes an international persona with road signs to St Moritz, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne, neighbouring locations of importance, and locations of future exhibits.

The idea of a road map is a theme that continues into real life with the iconic silver jacket taking shape in pieces from a limited-edition collection to be launched at the new Hong Kong boutique. Located in Harbour City the environment lends itself to the clean forward driven aesthetic that is part of the Moncler DNA. Yet the interactivity takes a further step in the form of infamous artist Craig Costello. Known for his paint drip aesthetic Costello has leant his hand to customising 350 Mr Moncler’s.

The combination of digital and real-world activations further enhances the brands reputation for using art as a key driver to engage those both familiar (and unfamiliar) with the brand – enhancing interactivity while doing so.

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