Dictador + Royal Tokaji – A Tale of Two Masters

A Tale of Two Masters

With extra special expressions of a spirit, the focus will often be on the mastermind behind it; or, in the case of premium rums, simply, the master.

Flourishes within the alchemical process – those that are unquantifiable and ultimately impossible to replicate – are down to the man or woman in charge. They call it an expression because that is exactly what it is – a channelling of personality, of ego, if you like. Granted, he or she will have a team of experts swooping around in the wings but ultimately the finished drink will bear an indelible imprint of the master’s own spirit

What chaos ensues, then, if you divide creative control between two very different (and equally gifted) masters of their respective tipple? Mass walk-outs? Tears? Violence? In fact, you get something very special indeed. Columbian Rum doyen Hernan Parra of Dictador has entrusted one of his rarest treasures to Royal Tokaji’s renaissance man and master blender Zoltán Kovács. You might think sending an ineffably rare rum to be finished in a winery in Hungary is something of a rogue manoeuvre – and you’d be right. But without these moments of ostensible recklessness, greatest is rarely achieved. The pioneering project, dubbed Dictador 2 Masters has yielded abject harmony between the masterminds in question and more importantly, a flavour that is exquisite as it is unpredictable.

A 1977 vintage Dictador rum has is matured for seven months in Royal Tokaji’s 12-year-old, 300- litre Zemplén oak barrels – previously been used to age the 2016 Royal Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos. Under Zoltán Kovács’ watchful eye, the Dictador rum has been imbued with a round and complex finish, with sweet touches of the legendary Hungarian wine.


“In the depths of the 13th century Royal Tokaji wine cellar, our rum has developed a new and extraordinary finish. Its palate is elegant and balanced, smooth and rich, with a good attack and a persistent finish… The Tokaji Aszú aroma has made a remarkable mark too. Dictador 2 Masters Royal Tokaji is complex and rich, with hints of tropical fruits and a nice honey touch on the nose.”

Hernan Parra, Dictador Master Blender.

That is the beauty of the world we’re living in today. Its relative smallness or rather, reduced proximity allows for these polar opposite culture co-operatives. Diversity by way of technology has forged this unlikely pairing to create a singular rum experience. In the spirit of pioneering innovation, Dictador has developed a means of verifying authenticity that’s straight out of a spy film. The bottle is presented in a special packaging made of armoured glass, breachable only by fingerprint. With only 475 decanters in existence, this robust security system, with its guillochés, microtext and golden glowing UV protection, is crucial to preserving its uniqueness.

Head over to goedhuis.com to get your hands on a bottle today.


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