Loewe presents the Bild OLED

Loewe presents the Bild OLED

Technological advancements seem to come at a rapid rate in today’s forward thinking society. Hence it is of vital importance that the product in question fits in with our aesthetical – and technical – desires. Bring forth the Bild OLED by Loewe.

The German TV brand present a model that is presented in a welcoming 55” and 66” giving viewers the perfect platform to view the channel of their choice.  Utilising the best in OLED technology  the TV displays truer levels of detail in both dark and bright scenes. Naturally this is combined with High Dynamic range and Dolby Vision for a higher level of contrast mirroring a high level of clarity in the process.

“We are one of the first television manufacturers who have started using natural materials again such as wood, and in turn transformed the television set into an object” ~ Bodo Sperlein

It is clear the Bild OLED by Loewe satisfies on more than its technical attributes though with piano black and solid Oak frame both being options for final model. This all but clarifies that the television is a pioneer on all fronts.


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