Life without mirrors — Leica SL2



Given the brand’s history and prestige in the photography sector, any camera that Leica release sets wallets twitching worldwide — their most recent launch is no exception.

Leica SL2 Mirrorless Camera

Building on the success of the Leica SL in 2015, the brand has now introduced the Leica SL2; the only mirrorless camera to be designed and crafted in Germany.

This mirrorless full-frame system camera is essentially an evolution in every way from its predecessor, taking the image quality to 47 megapixels (sensitivity of up to ISO 50,000) and its video capturing capability to 5K.

Leica SL2 Camera 2019
Leica SL2 Camera 2019

It also features in-body image stabilisation, breathing new life into the iconic Leica M-Lens catalogue, as well as enhancing performance of existing SL-Lenses. The styling of the new SL2 is familiar, yet progressive, with click wheel on the top familiar to Leica M users, and the joystick akin to that used on the Leica Q.

The new Leica SL2 is available at the Leica Store London from the 21st November at a cost of £5,300 (body only — lenses start at £3,750).


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