Gucci Menswear Spring Summer 2016

Gucci Menswear Spring Summer 2016

Gucci menswear collection Spring Summer 2016 sees a return to the Gucci of yesteryear albeit with some modern hues. It is almost as if the photographer has traveled back in time and captured the essence of Gucci’s ‘heyday’ with an HD camera. That is a compliment, I assure you; this collection serves as a stark reminder of what it takes to create and stand out from the fast-fashion mentality that currently prevails.

Gucci Men's spring summer 2016 collection Brown Suede Bomber jacket

“I think in the imagination of each of us, there is the idea of having a beautiful wardrobe of unique pieces.”
~ ALESSANDRO MICHELE, Gucci Creative Director


Not just relying on the allure of the expensive fabrics to justify the brand’s price tags, they re-introduce complex textiles giving the collection an air of luxury that’s hard to replicate. The range is styled in a way that intelligently reinterprets vintage styling, giving it ‘modern’ edge, while maintaining the crux of what it means to be Gucci.

Gucci Men's spring summer 2016 collection insect watch bomber detail

Among many things, this collections shows us that by looking to it’s past the luxury sector just may have the key to ensuring their brand’s future.

Gucci Men's spring summer 2016 collection Floral Jacket suit

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