The Connected Magnum by Mumm

The Connected Magnum by Mumm

Innovation can often be seen as a hindrance to tradition, with the boundary pushing nature of it’s character proving too boastful for some purists. However sometimes innovation can act as the perfect partner, allowing tradition to thrive and become an ever-present beacon of excellence – one that propels it to the world stage.


The latter of these statements can be applied to Mumm’s most recent creative exploration.

The house of Maison Mumm have merged their heritage with digital forward thinking to launch the world’s first digitally connected champagne bottle.

Inspired by the Formula One podium moment the connected magnum takes the art of celebrating from the track to the nightclub via some digital enhancements.


Once the cork is popped from the bottle, an interactive sensor is triggered creating a multi sensory experience within the venue. This can be a change lights, music and even visual aesthetics – making you truly feel like a champion.


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