Glenfiddich Rare Collection Cask No. 20050

Golden Anniversary

Glenfiddich Rare Collection Cask No. 20050

The whisky industry is a sector that has little room for innovation due to the constraints that make a whisky, a whisky. Stray too far from the parameters, then you are no longer making whisky, or even worse still, you actually create a whisky — but one of inferior quality. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that innovation doesn’t take place. Take the idea to launch the Glenfiddich Visitor Centre in 1969 by Charles and Sandy Gordon — William Grant, Founder of Glenfiddich’s great grandsons. It may not sound revolutionary to some, but at the time it was a move that transformed the industry.

2019 marks the 50th year since the Visitor Centre first opened its doors; it’s only fitting that a Golden Anniversary gets a golden jus. That project was tasked to Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman who, inspired by the 1969 bottling gifted to VIP guests at the original visitor centre opening, created a limited-edition single cask release for the occasion. Laid down on Christmas in Glenfiddich’s centenary year, 1987, the 200 bottle release was matured in American Oak Hogsheads.

“Over 2 million visits to whisky distilleries in Scotland in 2018 — a record figure, and an increase of 6.1% on 2017 and 56% more than in 2010” ~ Scotch Whisky Association

It was on that same day David Grant, a cousin of Sandy & Charles, was appointed as Glenfiddich’s Brand Manager, “Today people can’t conceive how difficult it was in the 1960s to launch, not just a malt whisky to the world, but the whole concept of single malt whisky,” David tells us. “Our visitor centre was at the forefront of our effort and our most successful weapon. The decisions to create it and invest our resources in people and money was a stroke of brilliance.”

“Thirty years old, it is a true connoisseur’s choice with a host of seductive flavours and subtle aromas. Walnut in colour, on the nose, you’ll discover rich Christmas cake, woody spice and warm dried fruits, hints of cinnamon, antique leather and coffee grinds with a subtle citrus note enveloped in vanilla sweetness,” explains Brian. He continues, “Then to the taste, a beautiful silky-smooth texture, rich and fruity with a sweet spicy flavour and an incredible deep darkness. The oak tannin creates an intriguing balance of sweet and dry, with a luxurious mouth coating oiliness. All culminate in a long lasting, sweet, oakiness — rare and golden whisky experience to share and enjoy.”

The Glenfiddich Rare Collection Cask No. 20050 (70cl bottle, 56.7% ABV) is available now exclusively at the Distillery Visitor Centre gift shop & online at a recommended retail price of £1600.

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