Giorgio Armani | Emotions Of The Athletic Body

Giorgio Armani | Emotions Of The Athletic Body

The world of “Sport Luxe” has landed en masse in the luxury fashion sector, and with it has come a newfound appreciation for the world of Sport; and quite rightly so too. Sportsmen – and women – are essentially (super)human representations, stretching our preconceived notions of what is physically possible, and with the increasing awareness about Paralympians, this is only set to continue.

Photo // Alberto Zanetti


To this end Giorgio Armani has always been ahead of the curve harboring an interest in sports and the sporting form since the early days of his tenure.

“Sport has always been one of my passions. I believe that it represents the qualities that allow us to improve ourselves: dedication, spirit of sacrifice, perseverance and willpower. Sport is good for the body but also the spirit and demonstrates that success is not achieved without effort. ”

~ Giorgio Armani

This September Giorgio Armani presents Emotions of the Athletic Body, a photo exhibition dedicated to the celebration of sport and athletes, athletes who conquer new challenges and excite the masses. A selection that has personally curated by Mr. Armani, from a vast archive of photographs that he himself commissioned over years gone by, will take over the entire ground floor of the Armani / Silos. The space has been completely redefined to give maximum emphasis to the theme: the images in black and white are displayed on huge slabs finished concrete, as the walls of the building, while the floors are covered in the same red coloured material we associate with Track & Field.

Mr Giorgio Armani with the Italian Olympic Team - Photo // SGP
Mr Giorgio Armani with the Italian Olympic Team – Photo // SGP


The impressive collection of shots, dating from 1985, includes works from famed photographers, such as Aldo Fallai, Howard Schatz, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Serge Guerand, Cliff Watts, Eric Nehr, Vangelis Kyris, Tom Munro, Richard Phibbs, Antoine Passerat, along with video installations featuring previously unseen footage.

Emotions of the Athletic Body, will be open to the public from 23rd September until 27th November 2016.


Photo // Kurt Markus
Photo // Kurt Markus
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