The R7 by Ruark

The R7 by Ruark

Technological advancements come at an accelerated rate nowadays, therefore it becomes less about ‘what is new?’ but more about what it is that you desire.

Idolised by many, Ruark audio embody individuality and are front-runners for those who choose not to follow the pack. Their audio history goes back 30 years and is very much about the curation of meticulously clear audio systems.

The latest edition to the Ruark family is the R7, which is nostalgic in its features while being modern in its presentation. Featuring the trademark rotodial the R7 is intuitive while also technically well rounded – yet it is the presentation that is most notable.

Housed within a free standing walnut mantle with soft grey exterior, the R7 plays the role of both object and audio system – creating optimal satisfaction from both a stylistic and audio standpoint.

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