No.3 | EAU D’ÉGÉE Candle by L’Objet

No.3 | EAU D’ÉGÉE Candle by L’Objet

There is something uplifting about catching nuances of scent, carried on a gentle summer breeze as the fragrant notes of a candle are coerced in waves around the room; this feeling can now be augmented with new fragrance from L’Objet. Based on the sparkling coast of the Aegean, Eau d’Égée’s inspiration is apparent, as the nautical hues rise to the forefront of the scent from the off.

The distinctive character is grounded by notes of pepperwood, oak, and cedar carried on fragrant winds from inland forests.

Parfums Eau d'Egee Candle L'Objet

The Aegean scent is pure and gentle, tempered by the scent of wildflowers, sweetened by coriander and fig leaves from local gardens, and spiced by the aroma of sage incense on the cool sea breeze.




TOP ~ Fig and laurel leaves, Clary sage, Coriander seed, White pepper
HEART ~ Everlasting flower, Patchouli, Pepperwood
BASE ~ Oak, Cedar, Lavender absolute, Musk



It wouldn’t be a L’Objet product without an essence of homely permanence and in that the Eau d’Égée candle does not disappoint. Its tactile ceramic housing is stately in appearance with the concentric brass circle lid-come-base adding a contrasting reference to the white. All in all, a harmonious blend.

Eau d’Égée No 3 candle by L'Objet lifestyle

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