The Art of Music — Chivas x Stefflon Don

The Art of Music
Chivas x Stefflon Don




The notion that whisky is a drink for any specific demography has been fading for years, and in recent times nearing extinction.

Rightly so too. Whisky is a drink that people like, it needn’t be more complicated than that. Thankfully due to the intentionality of some—and bravery of others—we’ve simplified the conversation, leading to more widespread whisky enjoyment.

Invisible barriers now disintegrated, the true storytelling power of whisky has come to the fore, with brand new iterations, cask finishes, and artistry being used to tell the story of the liquid contained within the bottle.

A brand making giant leaps in that department is Chivas, with their “I Rise, We Rise” ethos; a nod to the journey founding brothers James and John Chivas embarked on in the early 19th century to create this now famous blended whisky. This mantra also acknowledges others that have been on a similar journey, elevating others while they themselves rise. One such icon is British Rapper & Singer Stefflon Don, whose own rise to the top and flamboyant artistry is now reimagined on a bottle of Chivas 12 in their most recent limited-edition collaboration.

Stefflon Don attends the official launch party of Chivas 12 x Stefflon Don | Photo: Jeff Spicer/PA Wire




“It’s more than just whisky and music, it’s about us sharing the same ethos around working together to carve your own path to success and celebrating the melting pot of cultural influences that inspire us to create something unique. The design is also pure summer vibes – the label, the colours, the artwork – everything about it is a true work of art and only the start of our journey – watch this space!”


_ Stefflon Don

The artwork on the bottle is inspired by the musician’s upcoming release ‘Island 54’ and reflects the album’s tropical theme, featuring palm trees, vivid blues, eccentric pinks and of course the golden Chivas emblem amidst. The interpretation doesn’t stop there, with Stefflon’s character brought to life in her very own cocktail entitled “THE DON”; a symphony of tropical fruits brought to life with the rich flavour of Chivas 12.

‘The Don’ Cocktail 




50ml Chivas 12

50ml Pineapple Juice

50ml Orange Juice

12.5ml Raspberry Syrup

12.5ml Lime Juice

2 Dash Angostura Bitters



  1. Shake it.
  2. Pour over ice.
  3. Garnish with lime and mint.
  4. Enjoy responsibly!


The start of an ongoing collaboration, this combination of culture and expression will reintroduce whisky to a new generation of drinkers, a generation unencumbered by the edict of code, and liberated to experience whisky for what it actually is—a truly outstanding drink.

The Chivas 12 x Stefflon Don Limited-Edition is available now, at select retailers.


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