SPORT SERIES | The McLaren 600LT

SPORT SERIES | The McLaren 600LT

When McLaren launched their McLaren Automotive department in 2010, no-one would have anticipated that the performance of this division would take the shining light away from their prestigious, and multiply lauded Race division. But as the years go by the plaudits off-track are now superseding those on-track, as their roadcars exceed demand and expectation with each new release.

The fourth MCLaren to feature the Longtail (LT) name, the 600LT was born in the spirit of the fabled McLaren F1 GTR race car and is also the first LT since the 675LT Spider, and features a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. A full 96kg lighter than the McLaren 570s Coupé, “weight-loss” is very much the order of the day, built on a carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis with lightweight aluminium body panels.

With every lightweight option fitted, the lightest dry weight is as low as 1,247kg, creating an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of 481PS per tonne, with the acceleration from 0-62mph a reported mere 2.9 seconds.





The nature of the Longtail is that they are race cars, but this 600LT joins the Sport Series family of cars as the fastest most track oriented road legal car they have made to date.


At £185,500 the price tag is more than fair, as previous Longtail cars— such as the 675LT— started at a price north of £250k, but this lesser price tag in no means a negative reflection of the calibre of the vehicle, more a nod to the advancements in technology McLaren have made in the last 5 years. The hand assembled 600LT features commonalities with the McLaren P1 HyperCar and also the 675LT, such as the track focused interior with Carbon Fibre racing seats and lightweight Alcantara trim.

It says a lot about the vehicle’s aptitude that every purchase comes with a McLaren Owners track day to allow new owners to safely come to terms with the track capabilities of the 600LT, whilst also experiencing the full extent of McLaren’s on track fine-tuning expertise.

One thing is certain, with the Sport Series McLaren Automotive have found a formula for success, and going by the first impressions of the 600LT— that formula has just been improved.

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