Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

When it comes to purpose in design there are few more precise in manner, process and distinction than Herr Karl Lagerfeld. This controversially talented designer has been involved multiple facets of design in throughout his perpetual career.

“What I enjoy most is doing something I’ve never done before.”Karl Lagerfeld 

While in modern terms not a new collaboration by any means – the original idea was conceived back in 2010 – our premise is catering for an aspirational lifestyle, and as far as glassware, in modern you would be hard pressed to find a collection more aspirational than this.

Swedish brand Orrefors has produced utility glass and art glass made of crystal since 1898; such is their caliber of work they have been servicing orders to the Swedish Royal family since 1923.

Given this esteemed history it comes as no surprise Mr. Lagerfeld was more than willing to extend his eye to work with Orrefors on this new mode of expression, fine crystal.

One of his unique ideas saw Orrefors utilise saucers, often seen with Tea and coffee cups, to accompany glass cups hence preventing your surfaces fro becoming privy to any unsavoury watermarks created by ice cold beverages. These ‘glass saucers’ have other uses too, ‘You can use it as an ashtray’ says Karl in a dismissive manner typical of the flamboyant polymath.

“The white glass is like a free standing geometrical cloud” – Karl Lagerfeld


The collection consists of geometrically precise tumblers, flutes and glass cups in Karl’s favourite colours – Black and White – as well as a clear option with the letters ‘KL’ monogrammed subtly on the crystal. To show another side to his design Karl also created a limited edition range of heavier glassware; mouth-blown glass with a foundation of workmanlike, elegant spheres.

Yet another notch added to Karl’s lengthy and no doubt exceedingly well designed belt.




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