Midleton Very Rare

Midleton Very Rare

Whiskey has the ability to open up conversation like no other drink. I’m not just talking about effects pertaining to its alcohol content which ranges from the robust to the stupendous. No, I’m referring to the complexities of the drink itself, which are as disparate as they are similar igniting debate and discussion; the heart of any good evening. Unlike most other beverages – alcoholic and non – the combination of whiskey’s required slow drinking with its seemingly infinite methods of composition, each deciphered differently by our palettes, unpicks the lock of conversation like no other.

You may note I refer “whiskey” and not “whisky” that is because the inspiration for my above reflection was an Irish whiskey, one (of many) sampled from the Midleton family of whiskies at their Jameson Distilleries in Cork.

At their distilleries in Cork we – myself and other enthusiasts – negotiated our way through a catalogue of whiskies hailing from the very start of the Midelton Very Rare concept which was born in 1984 by previous Midleton Master Distiller Barry Crockett; one of only two Master Distillers that have been tasked with preserving the Midleton legacy. The second Master Distiller, Brian Nation, was on hand to unveil the 34th edition, Midleton Very Rare Vintage 2017.

Coinciding with announcement of this rare vintage, a new era for luxury Irish Whiskey was unveiled, with the launch of the Midleton Very Rare Cask Circle; a private members club offering individuals the opportunity to obtain their own personal Irish Whiskey.

“The unveiling of the Midleton Very Rare Cask Circle Club and the new Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release heralds a new era for luxury Irish whiskey and is testament to the growing demand for our finest, prestige Irish whiskeys around the world.” ~ Jean Christophe-Coutures, Chairman & CEO, Irish Distillers

The Midleton Very Rare Cask Circle Club invites whisk(e)y enthusiasts and collectors to obtain their own cask of Midleton Very Rare Irish whiskey from a variety of exceptional casks hand selected by Master Distiller, Brian Nation for their quality and rarity. A unique experience, once a cask of Midleton Very Rare whiskey has been chosen, owners can bottle it immediately or instead request bottles of their unique whiskey as and when required.

The programme boasts an array of different whiskey styles and ages – from 12 to 30 years old – that have been matured in a range of cask types including Bourbon, Sherry, Malaga, Port, Irish Oak and Rum. Thirty casks have been made available at launch, with prices available on request. Aside from the undoubted investment value, the Midleton Very Rare Cask Circle Club provides yet another way to unlock conversation as you’re sat amongst friends, in front of that idyllic fire sipping whiskey on those cold winter nights. Sounds great doesn’t it? Tastes great too. Bottled at 40% ABV and without chill-filtration, the new-look Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2017 is available from this month at the RRP of €180 and is available in the USA, Canada, Ireland and Ireland Travel Retail.


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