Frederic Malle MONSIEUR by Bruno Jovanovic

Frederic Malle MONSIEUR by Bruno Jovanovic

Hailing from the bloodline of Parfum Christian Dior’s Founder, Serge Heftler-Louiche, it should come as no surprise the Frederic Malle has found his home in the world of fragrance. But I’m sure despite all his grandfather achieved, he will view his grandson’s enterprise with more than a modicum of pride; in a sector saturated with ‘celebrity’ branded options and Oud based monstrosities, Malle has time and time again shown that there is no ‘forging’ the true artistry of fragrance creation. The latest scent entitle “Monsieur” is an embodiment of what the entire range represents; familiarly different yet modestly distinctive. Bruno Jovanovic was the ‘nose’ chosen to resurrect this classic scent which uses patchouli; a cornerstone of perfumery.

Top notes of mandarin orange mingle with rum absolute, while generous measures of cedar, suede and frankincense create a mystical aura, and modern amber adds a touch of darkness. Traces of vanilla and musk round off the edges for a harmonious whole.

Frederic Malle Monsieur by Bruno Jovanovic Editions de Parfums

A building block for your fragrance collection, the alluring aroma of Bruno Jovanovic’s Monsieur will keep reminding you – and others – that you’re not just a man, but you are the man.

Frederic Malle Monsieur. Bruno Jovanovic Editions de Parfums

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