Decem — Modern Spirits for Modern Times

DECEM — Modern Spirits for Modern Times

It’s an unfortunate paradox, the fact that the more we drink, the less we remember.

There are so many hours in a night out, with those towards midnight so readily dulled by our enjoyment of cocktails. Sobriety is always an option, so too is restraint. Thankfully, DECEM have invented something to help us avoid such apocalyptically drastic measures.

Founded by Masterchef 2016 finalist Billy Wright, DECEM is a new range of light spirits containing only 10% alcohol. These drinks are designed for those who opt for the joy of the sip over a numbing of the senses – and you’ll need all of them intact to enjoy the bounty of botanicals contained within. Flavour is at the heart of these drinks and Billy wants you to stay sharp enough to enjoy each one, without depriving you of the limberness a couple of drams imbues you with.





There are three variations of DECEM to enjoy:

APERITIFCreated using a combination of heritage botanicals combined with strawberry and grape to create a unique and adult aperitif. Botanicals are macerated for 3 days to extract maximum flavour, before being blended with the real fruit juices to create this distinct flavour.

LONDON DRYCrafted to be a standalone, it is heavy with juniper and light with citrus with a spicy bitter undertone. Distilled as a normal gin capturing the essential oils of the botanicals before being blended with natural flavourings to boost character and provide a long finish.

SPICED BLENDBlending a duo of light and white Caribbean rums from Martinique and Dominican Republic as its base. Spices are then added and the mix is allowed to steep for 3 days to draw out all of the flavour. The result is a sweet, savoury and spicy light spirit.

DECEM10 botanical ingredients, 10% proof and at a very reasonable £30 per bottle. You know… it makes sense.

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