Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

For the first Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ Limited Edition, Tim Little pays homage to a wardrobe staple; the brogue. To give you an insight into what makes Chivas, Regal, here is some more information surrounding the heritage of the esteemed brand.

About Chivas 12 Year Old

The First World War and Prohibition interrupted whisky supplies and Chivas Regal 25 YO disappeared and it wasn’t until after the second World War, that it was replaced by Chivas Regal 12 YO.  That said the 12 YO was still sold at a premium, high price, and was exposed to the upper economic echelons of American society and Chivas Regal grew fast in the US throughout the 50’s and 60’s.  Dubbed the “Cadillac” of Scotches, its advertising campaign featured legendary lines such as:

“Why think of it as an expensive Scotch when you can think of it as an inexpensive luxury?”


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Only pure natural ingredients are used to make Scotch malt whisky; no artificial additives are used at all; pure spring water is required to make the malt whisky – most distilleries have their own private source. An abundant supply of cold water is required for cooling and most of the water used at Strathisla Distillery comes direct from the Broomhill spring outside the town. Some water also comes the “Fons Bulliens” [or Bubbling Spring”] well opposite the front of the Chivas distillery. The main barley growing area is a narrow strip of land along the east coast of Scotland. Barley is sown in March/April and harvested in September, malted barley is not always heavily peated or even peated at all. The Chivas Brothers were known for buying the best barley available from local suppliers to make thier malt whiskies.

It takes 1 kilo of malted barley to make one bottle of malt whisky.

Today yeast is especially cultured for the Scotch whisky industry; at Strathisla Distillery one strain of yeast is used to achieve the complex flavours of the single malt whisky.

Some tips from JOSHUA’s on how to enjoy your Chivas 12 YO:

  • Try adding ginger beer with a dash of pineapple juice
  • For a sweeter variant, use cloudy apple juice with a dash of cinnamon syrup
  • Chivas 12 can also be used to create a sweetened green tea – add firefly peach and green tea with a drop of vanilla syrup and crushed fresh mint

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Tim Little is available worldwide at an RRP of £25.39.


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