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The current watch space is very interesting to say the least, with the purist’s logical viewpoint of value challenged by the rising popularity of the smart watch.

These hyper-function aesthetic-phobic watches have become a mainstay of health and habit tracking in almost every aspect of life. Fully customisable they have changed the very meaning of a watch and even connect you to that extra limb, also known as a mobile phone.

So what makes a good watch? So much discussion to be had on that very topic, but one brand that does know is Bamford London, having been customising and working closely with the world’s finest watchmakers since 2016. More focused on the brand’s own creations of late, they’ve recently announced a new release to counter the movement of the times, the Bamford 80.



Taking its name from the Bamford HQ and home of its very conception, 80 South Audley Street, the B80 reflects the three brand pillars, namely heritage, modernity and adventure. Designed with retrospection in mind, the titanium case of each B80 model houses a Swiss-made Sellita SW300-1 movement, complete with 25 jewels and a 56-hour power reserve.

“I’m really excited about the 3200 Bamford 80 watch. I can’t wait to see this on people’s wrists. The Titanium watch is very pure in its design – the expression of the circular design is unique and with the price point, we cannot wait to launch this watch.”

_George Bamford, Founder, Bamford London

The minimal design screams of yesterday and forgoes the modern excess of information for an altogether more elegant solution. With each expression of the B80 telling its own story, the personality of the wearer is at the forefront; even the sliding box is designed with old racing car hues in mind.

For me, what makes this new B80 so beautiful – visuals aside – is its honesty and the fact it typifies everything the brand’s eponymous founder stands for: curated horology and automotive enthusiasm through a nostalgic lens. And not to mention it does exactly what I want my watch to do — it tells me the time.

The Bamford B80 (RRP £1,250) is available now on Bamford London.

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