Take a seat — Episode Chair by Apparatus Studio

by Apparatus Studio

I find New Year’s resolutions a rather strange tradition. The idea of waiting for a specific time to make changes, curate good habits, and move towards a better me seems alien, especially given those changes could be made as and when the need arises. Let’s take getting in shape for example. The desire to be fit doesn’t begin on January 1st, but it’s rather when the procrastination ends, your body given permission to enjoy a “farewell feasting” period throughout the Christmas season.

Potentially one reason for the annual stampede to make resolutions is that people forget to reflect—or at least to reflect thoroughly—and thus the climactic end to the year serves as a theatrical reminder of the time that has past and the need to rationalise it. Thankfully I’d say reflecting is one of my favourite past-times, so much so that for me it’s akin to what many perceive AI to be; a constantly rationalising system that orders and compartmentalises thoughts and ideas in a way they can be easily processed.


But to do my best reflecting, it does help to have a good chair.





Not necessarily in an ergonomic kind of way, where physiology takes active priority, but more in the sense of artistry, where posture is considered, but not enforced and where texture rules as king. It does need to be comfortable yes, but not cinematic, as reflection takes minutes rather than hours, hence my ability to do so more frequently.

As if reading my reflective mind, design studio APPARATUS have created a chair that ticks all of those boxes and is aptly named Episode. A symphony of geometric shapes, tactile metals and fine leather, the Episode Chair is as much a sculpture as it is a seat.

For the metal structure itself, you have the choice of lacquered Aged Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Tarnished silver, while the fabrics are an equally indulgent selection of Leather, Suede and Wool Sateen. Taking inspiration from a melange of sources the chair blends design references from the Lunar Rover, Rosie the Robot and the sculptural works of Rachel Whiteread to create this new timeless, ageless form.

Given a chair like this, I think many would resort to reflecting more frequently—maybe even daily—rather than yearly. Who would have thought  the simple cure to procrastination could be a €7000 chair? I may get round to buying one… eventually.



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