Montblanc Black Mystery Notebook

Montblanc Black Mystery Notebook

All ideas are worth cherishing in some guise, but that said some much more so than others. Be it that eureka moment that sits you bolt upright at night, or that idea that grows in clarity like light shining through a dispersing fog, they are all seeds that just might germinate. Our advice to you – write these ideas down

“A good idea doesn’t care whose brain it comes from” – Anon

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JOSHUA’s chosen idea capturing vessel this season is the Montblanc Black Mystery Extension notebook covered in French full-grain calfskin, with printed pattern inspired by Montblanc’s Starwalker Black Mystery writing instrument.  The interior of the notebook comes with a jacquard lining bearing an antique Manhattan map design, the Montblanc brand name, and ruthenium-plated stainless steel metal fittings. We would want it ourselves, and hence it makes for a perfect gift.

You’re not simply gifting a notebook, but a method of cultivating dreams.

Montblanc 4810 Black Mystery Extension notebook with zip (107537) is available at a recommended retail price of £450.00.

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