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Simon Newton is definitely a man of many talents – not only has he been a professional Bodyguard for some of the world’s biggest stars but has also appeared in Hollywood blockbuster movies and finds time to run his own personal security business in London. Simon, however is a Bodyguard with an edge. It’s not just his skills of protecting world famous names such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell that has gained him recognition, but also his own personal style. “I love fashion” Simon simply puts it. “I’m fascinated with anything to do with designer brands, high street clothes, shoes, trainers, suits, ties…literally anything to do with a person’s style. I believe if you look good, you feel good. It’s great to take pride in what you wear. I’ll admit even though I spend a fair amount of money on designer brands, I do have a mix of clothing, which includes regular high street gear. It’s important to make the right choices when it comes to style and that does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive clothes. I’ve always said if it looks good on you, it doesn’t matter where it is from or what it cost”. His style and fashion choices were recently noted when he worked for world renowned iconic model Bella Hadid.


Bella Hadid steps out in London with what appears to be a bandaged ankle Featuring: Bella Hadid Where: London, United Kingdom When: 29 May 2018 Credit:


“I worked with Bella for almost 3 years where I did a couple of London Fashion Weeks with her. I’ve also been her Bodyguard at Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Tag Heuer events”. Having attended some of the most famous fashion shows in the world such as Milan and London, it is very interesting that Simon reveals that being a high-profile Bodyguard is not as glitzy as it is sometimes labelled in the media. “The job is not as glamorous as it is portrayed in the movies unfortunately! Even though at times you find yourself on the red carpet or on a private jet, you are still at work. You really don’t have the time to enjoy any of that because you have to be focused on your job at all times. There is also a lot of planning on a daily basis that comes with being a Bodyguard and you need to be able to think fast and adapt to a situation that has the potential to suddenly change. From my experiences in the business, every situation is different – there are so many factors to consider. For example – the venue, the client, the potential threat this person may have on them and even the specific country you are working in could affect the scenario and the way you have to deal with various issues. There are of course standard risks that every Bodyguard will continually face such as crowded areas, entering and exiting vehicles, as well as getting a client safely in and out of a busy arena. You’d be surprised, but even escorting someone to the bathroom can be tricky, especially if your client is of the opposite gender”.

Various models leave their hotels to attend a fitting at the Tommy Hilfiger store on Knightsbridge, ahead of their catwalk show tomorrow Featuring: Bella Hadid Where: London, United Kingdom When: 18 Sep 2017 Credit: Will Alexander/


“It’s the small bits and pieces that can complete an outfit. Even the colour and shape of the buttons can be important. Sometimes a simple formula when it comes to putting together an outfit can still look great.” Being recognised for having this own unique style within a high-profile business has opened up a career in Film for Simon. He worked on ‘Green Zone’ with Matt Damon in 2010 and many other well-known productions. “Since working on that movie I have actively pursued a career in film. I also did Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows and have been involved in various TV roles for the BBC and ITV. Acting is something I’m pursuing more and more – I think I have taken my career as a professional Bodyguard as far as I want to go and now want to concentrate on my work as an actor.” Before the big screen and Bodyguard work Simon had a military background. He joined the British Army in 2003 and served in Iraq for a time. He admits that it was this chapter in his life that initially sparked his interest in protection and ultimately made him choose a career in security. “Towards the end of my time in the Army I noticed that private security companies had started to operate in Iraq. That was the first thing that made me consider the idea of working in this line of business. After I left the Army I actually returned to Iraq as a security contractor, which ultimately resulted in me establishing my own company in the UK.”

Bella Hadid out and about in London Featuring: Bella Hadid Where: London, United Kingdom When: 09 Dec 2017 Credit:


As you find out more about Simon’s fascinating journey and experiences it is clear that it is not only professionalism and style that is extremely high on his list of priorities, but also keeping to his specialised training routine, which enables him to function at the same high level continually for hours on end, even when tiredness and fatigue kicks in. “It is vital to stay in top shape and be in excellent condition as a Bodyguard. Work permitting, I train about 6 or 7 times a week. This will include an hour run before breakfast and various weight lifting sessions throughout the week. To be honest, I really enjoy all the training that comes with the job. At this time of year I follow a strict diet plan that involves eating 6 to 8 times a day, every 2 hours. This helps build my physique and maintain my levels of endurance and stamina.” With all these commitments, time management has become an important part of his daily life. He runs a security business which he formed in 2009 and is based in London. “Since then the company has gone from strength to strength. It can be stressful and time consuming, but I wouldn’t change anything. I enjoy the challenges of building, running and maintaining a business. This means that most days I end up being in the office!” Simon is clearly highly motivated to be successful in all the fields that he pursues. His closing remark of “In life, there is always more to achieve” demonstrates exactly why he has been successful in each area and will continue to be so.


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